Where I walk through the quiet, an uninterrupted waltz with the stars

I love cities and Dalhi is no different I suppose. Walking back in the quiet night, I watched as the last of the sleepers closed their shops and cleaned the huge pans and tucked their hands into their pockets and wrapped their scarves around their faces and walked back home.

I like watching people. Just watch. I don’t really want to know your story, but let me stare at you for a while. Let the untrue words and the crazy thoughts form. Let me build a story of your life and then you can walk away. You have done your part.

So it turns out that Ms. Polka Dots does not have as limited a vocabulary as one might have intitially presumed. Which is a good thing no doubt but I still think it is limited to about five pages. Well, maybe six.

It would be kinda cool if people could spit out dictionaries, or atleast carried copies of their dictionaries around. And I don’t mean no frikkin Websters or whatever but their own, personal dictionary. Containing a list of words and/or phrases which they most commonly use and the meanings of the same.

But then it would make getting to know someone a little less exciting, a little more straight forward.

When you are suffering from a particularly severe case of Wanderlust, I guess the worst thing you can do is watch back-to-back episodes of Long Way Around. No but really, the whole staying put at one place is gettng to me now. Must. Get. Away. Somewhere. Anywhere.

Was telling the Sibling, I really appreciate it when she screws up. Especially when it is on the gigantic scale. Allows my minor fuk-ups to slide away unnoticed.  It is sorta like the opposite of having an over-achieving sibling. Setting the standard so low that it makes looking good/normal relatively easy.

You know how that book starts with the words which sorta go like each family is sad in it’s own particular way? Well, my family is kinda demented in its own particular way. A house ful of uniquely crack-potted ppl.

The question “WHY” is being shouted in my mind. All the time.

Oh dude, so I was like in the bus today? You know like the long, red one with the a.c. and all? Yeah so I was in the bus and it was slightly crowded and so I was like just standing there in the aisle and this guy like entered and he stood behind me. So like our backs were like facing each other. And then like the bus made a sharp turn and like our bums touched!!!! And I was like totally freaked out and shit. Does that make me a homophobe? Dude? dude?

And I patiently reach out for the roll of duct tape which should ideally be reserved for situations such as these.

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4 Responses to Where I walk through the quiet, an uninterrupted waltz with the stars

  1. I carry around a little personal handwritten dictionary. Quotes and stuff too.
    You’re right. Probably why no one’s ever going to see it.

    Also, just duct tape?
    You are a kind, kind man.

  2. Sroyon says:

    I like your principle very much. Allow me to state it formally: “Normal families are all alike; every crazy family is crazy in its own way.”

    And duct tape? I have a better suggestion. “And I patiently reach out for the gay sex toy which should ideally be reserved for situations such as these and say, Ooh that turns me on.”

  3. praxist says:

    wanderlust…there is some weird history behind the word, but I can’t remember what. I love that story in wind in the willows about wayfarers and how the river rat nearly walks off to the south…and for the longest of times (okay i admit, even now) I get bugged by the fact that he gets stopped by the other guy. I keep wondering how cool it would have been if he’d stowed away on the ship and gone off to see the world!

  4. kroswami says:

    @Ms. Wasandi: Personal dictionaries are kinda cool. Also, duct tape can be used for a diverse range of activities.

    @Sroyon aka SMALL WONDER: “allow me”. So kind of you to actually wait till permission is given. Basterd!

    @Ms. Praxist: I see the coffee machine has started working again! I like.

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