An update, shorter than those chaddis Quaker wears

The Times of India has devoted an entire page to how and why the state of West Bengal is suffering from a state of paralysis.

Don’t you have to be active first? Can so imagine pattu da in Beliaghata, waking up from the afternoon seista. Scratching in the afternoon sun and scanning the newspaper. This article catching his eye and a smile on his face. Kee jaali! And then he brings the offending article to the attention of his homies. Sitting on the bench and then launching into a four hour discussion on how bad nespapers have become and how in their times, Sen babu and Das babu were the TRUE journalists. Odee baba!

I am in love. Yesh it is true. And I am sure about it. So forgive the Mills and Boons moonlighting.

I am in lubh.

Tra la la la [hops around while twirling the pig tails on top of the head]

As if. Fuk you. This world is covered in the spit and cough of the vagabonds of this universe.

And we are living on a giant gob of flem.

No wonder we would like to believe in heaven.

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5 Responses to An update, shorter than those chaddis Quaker wears

  1. EvolutioN says:

    erm, phlegm, actually, but let us not dabble in useless pedagogy.



  2. Sroyon says:

    @Evo: I have long since come to the conclusion that he knows how to spell and punctuate. He makes these mistakes intentionally, with the express intention of annoying me.

  3. kroswami says:

    @both of you’s: stuff it. Pls. othrwse i mt strt wrtng lke ths

  4. Larry says:

    Nothing, I repeat, nothing can justify him not JUSTIFYING his posts!!!!


  5. EvolutioN says:

    @ Sroyon

    I know. Bloody brilliant, ain’t it? Just to annoy you. You. 🙂



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