Where I am slightly shocked by own genius

So, me was staring at a bunch of kids playing “catch catch” today. Early morning, slight chill and the dust was swirling on this side of the DND.

Made me wonder what possible lay in such a senseless act. Why did those dumb kids have such a happy look on their face? All they were doing was running behind each other. And it wasn’t even as if there was some grand plan when you did catch some one right? What the hell was the bloody point?

And then it hit me: you see, the ancient game of catch-catch is nothing more than the a poor imitation of the even-more-ancicent game of “hunt-hunt”. That is what they were doing. Paying heed to the animal instincts that centuries of “civilisation” and nose-hair trimmers have failed to kill.

They were honing their hunting skills. Stalk, chase and kill. Guess what path the “victim” was going to take, cut him off and then FEED!

In other words, they were prepping themselves for life in the wild. They were sharpening the skills required to put flesh in the stomach. They were letting the basic, primal need to kill take over their minds and swallow their tiny souls.

What I was hence witnessing was no inane game but a secretive peek into the world of Nature. Untamed and supremely irritating.

Who ever knew?

I am a bloody genius. I really am.

In other news, there is this shiny blue Contessa parked at one of the buildings near the American Centre. Exquisite. Really.

Also, if you walk down Barakhamba Road from Modern Public School, you will come across an unoccupied building about 12 storeys high. On the top most floor, some has spray-painted the words “Come up”. Superb.

Makes me smile every time I see it.

Have been living off other people’s generosity for the last two days now. Which is a good thing. Met one of the funniest women I have ever had the chance to laugh with the other night.

She makes the most absurd comments with this poker face. Kinda fucks around with your head really. Cause your eyes are telling your brain “Look a normal person making a normal statement” while your ears are telling your brain :”Fuk those eye bastards, this woman be INSANE!”.

My fridge is now filled with enough greedily flicked leftovers aka food to last me at least seven meals.


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