Where they kiss and hug and remind you of how pathetically miserable you really are

They do you know. These “Oh I am soo in love dahling” type couples. Feeding each other cake and looking “so cute” together. I don’t know whether to barf my brains out or just shoot myself.  Decisions, decisions.

My plans to project a normal, sociable image at a gathering of people tonight proved to be a humongous failure. Partly because the “normal” image generally tends to disappear about 3-7 minutes after I begin talking. Although I must admit that being welcomed with the cries of “Here comes the porn star!” did make the task even more difficult.

I have been accused of being socially challenged on the basis of this conversation:

KS: Hello [To a girl I have just been introduced to]

Girl: Hello. So you are also from ____. Do you know ____?

KS: Oh yeah, the one who looks like an ogre?

Girl: [Look of utter incomprehension coupled with signs of shock]

KS: You know, like Shrek?

Apparently that is not a nice thing to say although in my defence I have to admit that the similarities in the physical appearance of ____ and Shrek are mind numbing. Makes it truly easy to identify and all that.

Oh well.

So the return of Baby Fox was heralded by an awesome lunch and tons of laughter. It takes me ridiculously long to make friends but once I do, then it tends to be for life. Unless they make the mistake of lying to me. Then it is time to turn on the friendly fire.

I like to think of friendship as a recurring deposit kinda thing. So every month you put in some money, groan and crib about it cause it means you can spend lesser on your own self. Then gradually, you realise how much you have saved and when needed you have this nice package of support ready and waiting for you.

Ok so maybe a savings account would be more accurate. I dunno.

She is most irresistible when she has a cigarette on her lips. The smoke streaming out slowly.

estás aqui, el mundo es bonita.

no estás aqui, el mundo es feo.

I’m learning.

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4 Responses to Where they kiss and hug and remind you of how pathetically miserable you really are

  1. EvolutioN says:

    You should have followed up that Ogre thingie by saying: “Ogres, you know, like Onions. Onions have layers. So do ogres. He is not a bad sorts, you know, intelligible communication skills and all that, HOWEEEEVER, he just *looks* like a fish wearing spandex.”

    Erm, on second thoughts, maybe you shouldn’t say the above.



  2. Antara says:

    I agree with Evolution. You should have done the follow up. As to why somebody would brand you as socially challenged on the basis of the above conversation is beyond me. Seems like a perfectly normal pop culture observation. 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ever tried telling someone they resemble the droopy dog on your University Campus? *Completely* missed the compliment.

    And yes, this is “Sexy Time” indeed.

    – Brother Bilo

  4. kroswami says:

    @Evo: Well there is always a next time….

    @Ant:Pop culture observation…i like that.

    @anny/Brother Bilo: droopy dog?!?!? there was a droopy cat but it sure as hell did not look like a dog.

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