A picture is worth a thousand wuh?

More often than not, a picture makes most things so much easier to understand. (thanks kabana)

'tis true.

Am gonna try and make one for the fairer sex. Wondering if the venn diagram would just have 3 sets though.

Tried teaching a 7 yr old how to read time in 24:00 format. Pretty bloody hard and dont think I succeeded. Until I told him to go check the newspaper for his favourtie cartoon show.

I hate pushy parents. Sometimes I feel like pushing them. Like off the tracks or something.

The Metro is wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. Blisfully letch at the wonderful women while seated in air-conditioned comfort.

Jaldeer fancies himself to be a qualified PC [Pussy Chaser] though I think he sets his standards just a little too high. Like on purpose.

I have a sneaky feeling that he does that cause if he did get some, he would not know what the fuck to do with it!

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3 Responses to A picture is worth a thousand wuh?

  1. Why do you generalise, its bad to generalise
    i know what im going to do
    shove this picture under people’s noses with a microphone and ask them whether they think its true

    argh what the hell
    IT IS!
    why bother
    never mind…

    btw, ‘what the fuck to do with it’ CLASSIC

  2. kroswami says:

    @MN: unlike most stupid people, I do not generalise.

  3. Rahul says:

    It’s be fun to see where people whould put themselves if the had to put themselves in one of the intersections. I’m going for asshole.

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