Where I realise the insignificance of the day I was born

I was born on the day when God decided to take a nap. On a day when the Quality Control Department had called a flash strike in protest of sub-quality working conditions.

At the time when the Pass/Fail department had not yet realised that they were getting to bottom heavy and actually needed more lateral placements than anything else.

At the  time when the Ambitions & Dreams Department was too busy discussing the allegations of their Head of Dept being a nymphomaniac.

I was born at that time of the day when the Sun gets real tired and decides to let the clouds have their moment in the…sun.

I am the unwanted, unskilled waste of Life doomed to revel and stagnate in the dirty, filthy cess pool of mediocrity. I am the stifled hopes of the Generations, a walking talking suicide in the making.

I am the lost desires of the People, a nightmare of drowned dreams and hopelessly misdirected angst. The slime-covered shit of the Rest of the World.

I am ME.

In other news, I saw an interview by Asin and now am simply unable to decide whether we can get over how annoying her voice is. Looks like things might not work out which is kinda sad cause I totally thought she was the One. You think they purposely make the anchor super ugly?

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4 Responses to Where I realise the insignificance of the day I was born

  1. good stuff…u are pretty mad…much like my fav agent green glass!

  2. random random random! is what it seems
    but you say it all and pretend you never said a thing
    you need to “think it” even to make fun of it
    gotcha! 😉

    Yoda says: you have great potential buried in your cranium. dig, wipe, scrape.

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