Where domestication creeps in, uninvited and totally obnoxious

Got me room a bunch of curtains some time back. Light yellow with strips of orange, saffron and red. Cheers up the entire place.

Cant bloody believe I just wrote that.

Well atleast the curtains prevent me from becoming someone else’s Ugly Naked Guy. Which is kinda saddening cause I quite enjoyed my nuggu puggu “jogs” from toilet and back, covered in soap and wondering where the fuck my towel was. The other day I popped out in the balcony with only the boxers on and saw atleast one aunty recoil in shock and disgust. Or maybe it was animal lust, who knows.

Three of my friends got laid last night. I know this because each one decided to honour me with the details. In the morning. Sunday morning. Nope, there cannot be a better way to start the Rest Day.

Met an old, old friend over the most tender pieces of tandoori chicken.

Am slowly becoming utterly domesticated. Went and bought me a table and chair, took 10 minutes to clean both and then took another 10 minutes to arrange in an acceptable manner. And at the end of it, I had an extremely satisfied smile on my face. Wtf.

In other news, the Sister bought me a nail cutter and a jar of Nutella. Thought it was kind of her. But I think it may take some time for me to get used to having my own nailcutter; nearly every room I enter, the first thought that enters me mind is “Wheres the nail cutter”.

Oh and I went and bought a kilo of peru the other day, washed them and put them in the fridge.  Found them covered with frost the next morning. That and the milk tasted of guava. The frozen milk. That I ate with cereal. Crunchy breakfast.

The best thing about making a chocolate sandwhich  is that you get to lick the spoon clean.

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